Our Mission

Our platform will disrupt the current aircraft inspection process using fully automated drones, machine vision, and artificial intelligence providing significantly faster and superior fuselage inspection results - potentially saving air carriers billions of dollars per year.

Flying Robot Inspection Platform Benefits

Times Faster

Inspection By Drone Takes 1/10th the Time of Current Methods


Reduces Inspection Cost by 90%

Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Defects Faster

Reduces Loss of Revenue For Airlines

Airlines Earn An Average Of $17.75 Profit For Each Passenger Hour Flown
Cargo Delivery Earns An Average Profit Of $1.05 Per Pound Of Cargo Delivered
Only Flying Aircraft Earn Money: Potential > $3 Billion Added Revenue For US Airline Industry

Aircraft Inspection is Costly & Takes Airplanes Out of Service

Airframe Inspections are Required by Regulations
Typically > 8-10 Per Year for Each Aircraft

Air Carriers Spend $20 Billion Per Year On Inspections:
More Than 390,000 Global Inspections Annually

Aircraft are Taken Out of Service for Inspections
Over 280,000 Hours Per Year Globally

Our Platform Reduces Airframe Inspection
Time & Cost By A Factor Of 10

Our Platform was Developed at the FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program Site at Memphis/Shelby International Airport

Program Was Initiated by the DOT To Develop Best Practices For Safely Operating Drones At Actively Operating Airports

Began Development & Testing Q3 2018 And Began Testing On The Ramp At Memphis Shelby International Airport Q2 2019

Federal Aviation Administration and UAS

Architect/Lead Engineer at FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program Site, Memphis/Shelby Internation Airport


Aircraft Out of Service for Inspection

Current Process

  • Scaffolding Setup
  • 10 to 14 Hours Time
  • 144 Man-Hours Labor
  • 12 to 14 Skilled Workers
  • Cost $40k to $60k
  • Requires Aircraft Be Taken Out of Service Resulting in loss of Revenue

Flying Robot Platform

  • No Hanger Time
  • No Scaffolding
  • Operates on Ramp
  • 1 to 2 Hours Time
  • 2 Man-Hours Labor
  • Cost < $5,000
  • More Accurate & Consistent Results

Flying Robot’s Aircraft Inspection Platform

Drone Mission Planning & Flight Simulator

Shared AI system to detect defects in near real time with greater precision than visual observation

Executes pre-programmed autonomous mission for each aircraft type

Flying Robot’s Aircraft Inspection Platform

Proprietary Onboard Software

Proprietary IP machine vision navigation software

Manifold 2 onboard computer

DJI Matrice 210 RTK drone


“Aircraft MROs plan to implement predictive and drone-supported maintenance with the next three years.”

Global MRO Market Forecast 2019-2029*
Oliver Wyman – Marsh & McLennan

Global Market

  • 27,000 Passenger Transports

  • 2,500 Freighters

  • $20B Per Year Spending On Maintenance

  • Global Airline Fleet to Double by 2040

Management Team

Bill Piedra


Architect/Lead Engineer at FAA UAS IPP, Memphis, TN

26 Years experience developing software

Nancy Piedra


20 Years of software development as manager at Microsoft Mobile Application Development

David Cook


25 Years of tech entrepreneur experience, prior startup acquired by Dell

Gary Lavado

CFO - Finance

15 Years software company finance executive experience, formerly with SpeechCycle, Datasynapse and Deloite


Flying Robots Corporation
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